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About Us

Our decisions - our success

"Avia KoRa Group" consists of ex-SAMCO, ex-airBaltic and ex-SWISS employees, who participated in the aircraft manufacturing process, entering into service and maintenance of Airbus A220, therefore, we have the widest knowledge and experience.
Our company helps different companies around the world with the preparation and entry into the service of Airbus A220 into their fleets or capability lists.

Based on our experience, we could assist you with Airbus Recommended Spare Part List (RSPL), take the decision regarding the tools or tasks, calculations about manpower, etc.
Everything depends on your needs and wishes, but, definitely, we will help you to save money and time, which is the most critical for airline and Maintenance Repair Organisation (MRO) operation.

We could assist also to Leasing companies to take the decision to take Airbus A220 to the portfolio or not.
If you are already decided then we could assist you with inspections at Airbus A220 Final Assembly Line (FAL), acceptance/delivery process and with yearly aircraft inspection at Leasee's bases including the documentation check in accordance with your checklists and standards.

As our team consists also from EASA B1.1 and B2 staff, we aslo could assist you to solve technical issues, if you have lack of man-power.

If you are interested in cooperation, you could send to us the list of your wishes/needs with target dates and we could provide you the quotation for such support.

Facts About Us

Aircraft Delivery

Our team participated in more than 25 Airbus A220 delivery processes

Airbus A220 FAL

Our team spent about 2 years at Airbus A220 FAL

Lessor Inspection

Our team performed about 10 yearly aircraft inspections


Our team checked more than 15 versions of Airbus A220 RSPLs

Line and Base Maintenance

Our team participates in Line Maintenance events during 6 years. We have participated at more than 10 Base Maintenance Events

EASA B1.1 and B2 Staff

75% of our Team has EASA certifying staff license

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